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Essential value system

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This universal, global value system, which may also be called  hierarchy, was born in 2004-11-01.

The purpose is - to find substantial, leading consistent patterns, which strongly operate on human, societal, humanity and life overall and maybe matter being.  It was important to string together right all those consistent patterns by their significance, meaning and influence.
This system is not copied from anywhere, refined from another, or borrowed. The sole source is - observation and life experience. Maybe you will find analogies, but its origin is big, important, meaningful work.This document was born on exactly the date named above.

This system-pyramid's foundation is tightly associated with matter. Whereas it's top - spirituality is the radiant foundation. It influences all lower levels of  the pyramid's system. Between the pyramid's levels there is a circulation-motion of energy and information.    
The system is of dimensional scale, possible to measure, to rate, and to receive  solutions for many phenomena, objects, persons, institutions and other systems.

This system is concentrated at the maximum, cleared from  unnecessary complicated and hardly used information. How to use it, will be taken under  consideration separately.

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